Trip to the Louvre Museum

Hello, I am Kahraman Marangoz and create digital art at Modern Futurism. The modern world today has progressed far into the everyday life of citizens. I want to talk about

Trip to The Castle of Amboise

Made a visit to the castle of Amboise. It is the place where Leonardo Da Vinci has spend the last time of his life, his tomb is also there. In

Shine a light on slavery

Every human has rights and that includes to make their own choices. To do that freedom is essential. Freedom and human rights those are the values Europe stands behind. As

The Kahraman Collection

  Brother and sister Marangoz join forces For those who live in Hasselt, the name Sjalala may ring a bell. Sjalala has been in the press for 2 years in

Dreams of aviation

I am one of the first artist’s that have their name send to another planet. My name is send to the planet Mars three times and one time on a

The technology that i use

The technology I use to make digital art is new, what makes that there is no option for me to learn how to make digital art with the help of