The Kahraman Collection

The Kahraman Collection



Brother and sister Marangoz join forces

For those who live in Hasselt, the name Sjalala may ring a bell. Sjalala has been in the press for 2 years in a row with “De Warmste Sjaal” as part of De Warmste Week.
With Sjalala, Semaha designs exclusive scarves and accessories, but also works on request and even offers complete customization. Semaha chooses to make only a few copies of each piece to give its customers a feeling of exclusivity and thus emphasize their uniqueness. As a graphic designer, Semaha is exceptionally sensitive to colours, shapes and structures and will always select her fabrics very consciously. The search for original prints and materials never stops.
Kahraman Marangoz, Semaha’s youngest brother, chose art education when he was 14. His creativity evolved over the years with social trends and became very innovative. Kahraman started experimenting with modern techniques and came up with the original idea of ​​making creations using a digital camera and LCD screen. Because of his artistic view of the world, he has an eye for beauty where others do not notice it. This way, very special motifs emerge from his magic hat.
When Semaha saw her brother’s work, her creative entrepreneurial brain started to crackle. She envisioned a wonderful collaboration where Kahraman could be the designer of fabrics for Sjalala. A family project that would result in scarves and accessories that are truly unique! And so it happened. Kahraman designs, they choose together. Sister Semaha selects the desired material from a selection of sustainably produced fabrics and then sends their design to the printer who works according to the “print on demand” principle. And then she has to wait for the rolls of textiles to arrive in her studio and Semaha to get her teeth – or rather, scissors and a sewing machine – in them.
Also curious about The Kahraman Collection? We don’t have to wait long anymore, because on Friday 25, Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 March, Sjalala will hold an open day and we can feel, view, try on and … buy all those creations! It is not entirely coincidental that Semaha Marangoz also has his birthday on 25 March. After all, she prefers to celebrate a birthday in her studio, between her fabrics, her friends and her customers. Where her heart is, and this time also with her youngest brother by her side.
The Karaman Collection, open days on Friday 25 – Saturday 26 – Sunday 27 March, From 10am to 6pm. Sjalala – Stevoortekiezel 390 – 3512 Hasselt.

Kahraman Marangoz

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