The technology that i use

The technology that i use

Modern Futurism

The technology I use to make digital art is new, what makes that there is no option for me to learn how to make digital art with the help of a master. I had to learn everything myself, my digital art is self-taught. In that process I have to try things over and over till a result shows up. While I am working on the creation of digital art the developments in technology continue. I started with a high resolution digital camera with a LCD-TV screen. After that the 4K digital camera’s came out together with 4K TV-screens what I also use to create digital art.

The developments in technology create an evolution inside my digital art. Today there are digital camera’s and TV screens in 8K resolution and I am going to try that out in the future. What is important are the effects that arise when using a digital camera on a TV-screen. The lens captures a visual phenomenon that only can be created with technology. The question what does a digital eye see is here in it’s place. The digital eye that sees lines, waves, patterns where I never know of what work of art it is going to bring.

Kahraman Marangoz