Working in the information age

Working in the information age

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Working to bring something new in the arts is a true task. It requires that you go to your limits and even beyond that. I was lucky to be born in a time where there is the Information Age, it is an age where there is a combination between man and machines.

Technological developments created many new devices such as iPhones, fast internet, satellites, high resolution digital camera’s and the list goes on. I use digital camera’s and digital televisions to get the effects that I want. With the help of a computer and software I process those effects to digital works of art. It is all technological from beginning till the end of the process. That means it is not the known traditional painting in oil paint with brush, a canvas, a model or a landscape. Something completely new that came alive in the arts thanks to the Information Age that also changed my life as a human.

All the technological developments also delivered new information about the origin of the humans trough the research of DNA. It delivered new information about other Earth-like planets where there are billions of them in the universe. The Information Age made it possible to land robot’s on the planet Mars.

It makes it an incredible time to be working in and change the life that I once knew.

Kahraman Marangoz