Trip to the Louvre Museum

Trip to the Louvre Museum

Hello, I am Kahraman Marangoz and create digital art at Modern Futurism. The modern world today has progressed far into the everyday life of citizens. I want to talk about the innovations that most are familiar with in the fields of energy, agriculture, medicine, weather, home appliances, aviation and sports. With the last one I refer to the Olympic Games that will be held in Paris in 2024.

For Energy:

A solar installation with 400 kinetic mirrors can heat up to 1482°C. Wind farms can provide energy for 5 to 10 thousand families. Many homes have installed solar panels on the roof. The energy of waves is also extracted at sea.

For agriculture:

E-seeds can be sprinkled with drones and drill themselves into the ground. This technology is used for the improvement of aerial seeding.

The weather forecast:

Weather satellites can observe the Earth and so monitor the weather. One can accurately predict to the hour when a storm will make landfall. This helps to evacuate a certain area in time.

Household appliances:

Computers, laptops, mobile phones and the internet have become part of the everyday life of a household. Billions of citizens are connected through social media platforms.

The medical world:

Thanks to the new technologies, it has been possible to produce a vaccine for the corona crisis by using m-RNA. Surgeons can perform operations remotely via the 5G network.

Organs can be flown with drones to hospitals where necessary. Apps can track citizens’ health.

Space travel:

They have completed several missions to the planet Mars where they are researching the soil and the possibility to find water. A study of the Sun is underway to learn more about this star. There is a department dedicated to observing meteorites. If there were one that had an orbit where it would hit the earth, one can predict where and when the impact would occur. In the International Space Station there are experiments for science as well as for the medical world to manufacture medicines.

This major modernization has set in motion a dynamic. To better explain where my digital art originated in this great modernization we look at to the microprocessors.

Art inspired by nature is most famous such as seascapes and landscapes. Art that originated from the imagination of a human being is also well known. My digital art has its origins in the contemporary devices of television screens and digital cameras.

Microprocessors help with the digital image processor for the digital camera. The TV screens have also experienced an evolution from black and white screens to 8K quality screens. For my digital art I use a 4K digital camera and an LCD screen, I have also used a 4K screen. From very close I take a photo with my digital camera of the LCD screen and edit it on the laptop with a photo software program until I get the desired result.

Then I save the digital art image to a memory card and share it on social media where the followers can see my latest works right away.

Know that my digital art is not inspired by nature or from the imagination of man, but from the great modernization through the improvement of microprocessors.

I’m not going to go into the technical part because this is too complicated for most people and if you know how my digital art is created and where it originated, that’s enough.

The space agency NASA has invited the public to send their name to the planet Mars on a microchip that goes with a rover. Very impressive event, landing a rover on another planet that is very far from Earth. Several of these missions are a success and I have been able to send my name to another planet several times and also once to a mission where one orbits around the sun. In art it is customary to place a signature at the bottom of a work, I have opted for numbers and letters from my boarding passes where I have sent my name with two missions to the planet Mars and one mission around the Sun. That makes me one of the first artists who have ever been allowed to do something like this, together with the origins of my digital art this gives a very modern dimension.

Kahraman Marangoz

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