Dreams of aviation

Dreams of aviation

Modern Futurism

I am one of the first artist’s that have their name send to another planet. My name is send to the planet Mars three times and one time on a mission to orbit the Sun. In another time something like that would be science fiction. Space missions are born in the dreams of aviation. One of my own dreams is to have a digital work of mine on the planet Mars, because my works are digital they can be stored on a chip, the same way like my name was send to Mars. There are activities on two planets what is fascinating.

I am drawn towards those activities and even created a portal with a model where I use the speed of light. As you see it is all very modern for an artist to live in this time where there is also more knowledge where an artist can make use of. When things get too complex less people will be able to understand you. That is why I am not going to make it too complex to understand my digital art. For people who are interested in art it does require some basic knowledge to know what my digital art is. That effort is not too much asked for who is interested in art and who knows it may even make you decide to have one of my digital art works having on your walls or taken inside your collection.

Kahraman Marangoz

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